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Below you can check out a select of images taken for my photoshoot with David Bean. Please share and drop your comment below!

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Abbi Love is a marvelous 16-year old singer/songwriter from Aurora, Indiana, a small town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. With many talents, Abbi can usually be found at her trusty piano writing a new catchy tune or with a ukulele strumming new melodies. Abbi loves many genres of music but considers her style of music Pop/Soul.

Music has played a tremendous part in Abbi’s life since childhood. Her passion started with piano lessons and then blossomed into a skill for songwriting and recording.

Abbi currently has two singles “Keys and Ivories” and “Partner In Crime” on iTunes and other digital retailers, and she is working on new original songs in her self-built in-home recording studio every day.

Earlier in the year, Abbi had a vision for a music video for her soulful and upbeat tune “Keys and Ivories” and produced and edited a music video herself.

You can follow Abbi as she reaches her goals and dreams on her Facebook page (Official Abbi Love.)

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